Does your dog

pick up after himself?

I don't have operators standing by, I answer my own phone if I can.

I don't claim to be #1 in the #2 business because no one is, are they? But...

I will help keep your yard as poop free as possible. You work hard all day and sometimes late hours. Driving in traffic doesn't help much and the last thing you want to do is pick up rovers lawn art!

Dog waste isn't just smelly and unsightly, it can also cause health problems for your family, friends, your dog or someone else's dog. Diseases such as Parvovirus, Roundworm, and Hookworm just to mention a few, can be transmitted through dog waste.

Keeping your yard as clean as possible and regular visits to your Vet will help keep you and your pet as safe as possible. Quality of work done and good service is what matters to me most. Being in business so many years, doesn't mean your the best.

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